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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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Party Committee

Los Angeles County Republican Party — Republican PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Assembly District 48

Photo of Erskine Lincoln Levi

Erskine Lincoln Levi

6,443 votes (12.72%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Recruit and Train New Republican/Conservative Candidates for Public Office
  • Do my part in keeping this country safe form domestic & foreign terrorism
  • Help increase our Military and First Responer Effectiveness



Profession:Social Science Teacher
Teacher, Baldwin Park Unified (1996–current)
US Forest Ranger Volunteer, United States Forest Service (2009–current)
Campaign Manager for Omar Navarro, US Confgressional Candidate for the, US Congress — Appointed position (2016–current)
Adjunct Professor, ITT Technical Institute and Universtiy of Phoenix (2000–2015)
Field Representative/Ambassador, for State Senator Bob Huff — Appointed position (2010–2012)
Captain, United States Army (Regular, National Guard & Reserves) (1981–2002)
Police Officer (Regular & Reserves), Pomona Police and Monrovia Police (1985–1988)


Rio Hondo Police Academy P.O.S.T. Certificate of Training, Police Officer Requalification (2009)
Azusa Pacific University Master of Arts, Educational Administration (1998)
California Polytechnic University, Pomona Bachelor of Arts Degree, History Social Sciences (1993)
Citrus College Associate of Science, Police Science Criminal Justice (1987)
Rio Hondo Police Academy P.O.S.T. Certificate of Training, Police Academy (1984)

Community Activities

US Forest Ranger, Volunteer, United States Forest Service (2009–current)
US Coast Guardsman, Volunteer, US Coast Guard Auxiliary (2014–current)
Knight, 4th Degree, Knights of Columbus (2001–current)
Boy Scout Leader, Committee Chair, Boy Scouts of America (1996–2012)

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Featured Endorsements

  • Robert Huff, California State Senator, 29th Senate District
  • Judith Nelson, City Council Member and former Mayor of Glendora, CA
  • Santos Hernandez Jr., Board Member, BPUSD Board of Education

Individuals (4)

  • Omar Navarro, US Congressional Candidate for the 43rd Congressional Dist.
  • Jack Orswell, Former FBI Agent and US Congressional Candidate, 27th District
  • Thomas Del Beccaro, Candidate for US Senate, California
  • Duf Sundheim, Candidate for US Senate, California

Political Beliefs

Position Papers



Abortion is wrong.

There is only one reason that I would condone an abortion and this would be in the case that the mother's life was in grave danger of being lost. But, then I would want the doctor to prove this beyond a reasonale doubt. Doctors can just come up with any reason and who would question them.  Rape and incest, although very wrong, is not a reason for killing the baby. It is not the baby's fault his mother was raped.  You do not "get back" at the rapist by killing the baby.  If the mother just can't face the baby, then put it up for adoption.  Our nation and world have many couples who would love to adopt.  Next,  the statement that women should be able to do what they want to their own bodies is missleading.  The baby is not part of the women's body, he/she just happens to be "in" the mother's body.  The fertilized egg floats down the mother's fallopian tube and asttaches itself to the moter's uteran walls. The baby gets it nourashment from the mother.  The Baby has its own circulatory system. the mother's blood does not go thruogh her body, then through the baby's body. The baby may heven have its own blood type, different from the mother's. Lastly, I understand that it is downright uncofortable for the mother to go through an abortion, and may even hurt periodically, but, I am pretty sure that when the baby gets ripped apart (arms, legs, head, etc...) the mother does not feel that excruciating pain.  If mothes did feel the pain of being pulled apart, no women would ever want to go through an abortion.   So, the baby is NOT part of the women. It's just murder !!

Homeland Security


We need to Protect the Citizen's of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our nations's readinesss levels and military capabilites need to be bolstered.

AS a former Caprtain in the US Army, I firmly believe that State, Local, and Federal Authorities should have the tools necessary to keep our country safe. Even though I was in the Military (Regular Army, California National Guard and Reserves) as a Military Police Officer, Armored Cavalry and Military Intelligence Officer, I am not a "War Hawk."  I do insist that our country's defenses should be bolstered and brought back up to better readiness levels.  The Obama Administration has "gutted" our Military defensive posture. Other countries (North Korea, China and Russia) are testing their military defensive systems, playing with/against our US Forces (buzzing our naval fleet, etc...). They are not scared of the United States and expecially our president.  They will not be scared of Hillary Clinton should she win the white house.  Our nation still has a good fighting force, but is greatly diminished. Should Russia and/or China ever decide to mount an offensive, we would have a major fight because ouf our reduced levels of readiness.  ISIS and other Terrorist organizations are already in our country and just waiting for an activation order. The FBI has stated that they are investigating over 1000 Terrorist Cases in our country today.  Remember the San Bernardino, California incident. We need to bolster our intelligence capabilities, find and destroy any threats, foreign and domestic, and keep other countries from wanting to attack our great nation.  TheUnited States is "Exceptional!"



Build a wall, but fix the current immigration policies. Show Mercy !!  

Almost every other nation on earth enforces their immigration policies. The United States "gets in trouble" when it enforces theirs.  I understand that many people all over the world would love to live here for the benefits.  We have better employment opportunities, better medical services, better education opportunities and has more general freedoms than most other countries.  After President Ronald Reagon (a Republican) signed the Amnesty Bill in the 1980s, he stated "now it is time to build the wall."  Unfortunately, politics took its toll and was never built. On the other hand, I know that it is dangerous to live in certain countries and the immigration process should be sped up for those unfortunate souls that have to live in poverty and political misery. Some individuals and families face certain death and the United States should show mercy.  But, we have to be logical about this and people have to follow the requirements to allow them into this country. Maybe, the United States should re-define "Political Assylum" to make it a brouder catagory; more inclusive.  We should be into "saving lives."  Just coming to our country under illegal means only messes up the current policies and makes those that are trying to follow the process take longer to enter our boarders.  Our country needs to absorb new immigrant slowly, to accomodate for employment, housing and education. A quick spike in immigartion only negatively affects these areas. We do truly need to show mercy to those in real need and in danger.

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