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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of Pacifica
Measure W - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


5,966 votes yes (31.1%)

13,194 votes no (68.9%)

100% of precincts reporting (29/29).

323,303 ballots counted.

Shall the Initiative which amends Ordinance Number 391-C.S. to authorize up to 206 multi-family units of residential development at the Rockaway Quarry only under certain conditions specified in the Initiative measure entitled "Pacifica Initiative Amending Ordinance No. 391-C.S. To Authorize a Future Rezone of the Quarry Which Could Include Residential Development, Under Certain Conditions, be adopted?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

City Attorney of Pacifica

Measure W would amend Ordinance No. 391-C.S. which was adopted by the voters in 1983 ("Ordinance"). That Ordinance rezoned the Rockaway Quarry ("Quarry") to commercial use, and provided that any residential development would require a public vote. Measure W was placed on the ballot by a petition signed by at least ten percent of Pacifica voters as required by Elections Code Section 9211. Measure W, if adopted, would amend the Ordinance to eliminate the need for any further public vote for future rezones of the Quarry to allow residential development so long as the proposed development meets the following conditions:

 1) The Quarry developer applies for and the City Council approves a rezoning of the Quarry to a planned development district authorizing a mixed used development that includes hotel, recreational, retail, and residential uses that are substantially consistent with the conceptual land use plan attached to Measure W ("Map"). Prior to any rezone, the Council must approve any necessary general or specific plan amendments and determine the development will be built using green building standards. All approvals must comply with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

 2) At least 75% of the Quarry must be designated as permanently protected open space. New, publicly accessible trails must be constructed that connect Rockaway Beach to Mori Point. Grading for development would be required to minimize erosion and restore wetlands.

 3) Before building permits are issued, the developer must complete a traffic study and internal circulation and parking plan, pay all appropriate traffic impact fees, and implement any transportation mitigation measures required to mitigate sigifnicant traffic impacts identified during environmental review.

 4) Retail, restaurant, entertainment, and office space development would not exceed two stores in height. Retail and restaurant space would not exceed 35,000 square feet. Office space would not exceed 35,000 square feet.

 5) Residential uses would be limited to 206 multi-family units, which cannot exceed four stories in height. Of these 206 units, no more than 181 would be apartment units of which at least 20 percent must be designated as affordable for very low, lower, or moderate income households. At least 25 units must be designated as live-work units.

 6) The hotel would be limited to 200 rooms, including no more than 188 hotel rooms and no more than 12 bungalows. The bungalows could not exceed 2,500 square feet each. The conference venue could not exceed 13,000 square feet.

In order to pass, Measure W must receive a majority (i.e. 50% plus one) of the ballots cast. 

A "Yes" vote would be in favor of amending the Ordinance to allow the City to approve a rezone of the Quarry that includes residential development, without a further public vote so long as all of the conditions above are met.

A "No" vote would be against amending the Ordinance such that any residential development of the Quarry would require a public vote.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

We have carefully read Measure W - the Rockaway Quarry initiative - and we strongly encourage you to vote Yes!

Any vote concerning the Quarry is important to Pacifica. We encourage all Pacifica residents to read the measure for yourselves.

You will see that Measure W is a thoughtful approach; ensuring our community will benefit from permanent open space; limited development, significant tax revenue; and needed traffic mitigation.

Here is what Measure W does:

 * Requires any development at the Quarry to preserve 75% of the property as permanent open space

 * Requires any development to include new and improved trails connecting Rockaway Beach to Mori Point

 * Requires any building at the Quarry to use green building standards

 * Ensures that before any building at the Quarry, the developer must conduct a complete traffic study, pay all traffic fees, and mitigate any significant traffic impacts

 * Sets strict limits on the size of development that the City Council cannot exceed or the project must go back to the voters

 * Require at least 25 residential units to be live-work; reducing traffici mpact

 * Require at least 20% of remaining units to be affordable; helping with housing costs

 * Require the developer to reclaim the old mining site so hillsides are stabilized, wetlands restored, and invasive species removed

 * Allows for a new hotel/retail center which will bring significant new revenue to the City

It's really important to understand what Measure W does not do. As clearly laid out in the City's official report:

 * Measure W does NOT rezone the Quarry

 * Measure W does NOT approve any development

 * Measure W does NOT take away your right to vote

Take the time to read Measure W yourself. We believe you will come to support it like we did.

You can find out more information at

Please Vote Yes on Measure W!

/s/ Michael "Mike" Mooney, founder of the Liberty Garden along Calera Creek

/s/ Gerald "Jerry" Trecroci, Former Board Trustee, Pacifica School District

/s/ Cheryl Yoes, Member of the Board of Directors, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

/s/ Pamela Winston, Designer, Business Owner 

Arguments AGAINST


Measure W authorizes the City to approve 206 multi-family units but doesn't commit the developer to build anything. We are voting without any review of environmentalor traffic impacts. Haven't we learned what coastal erosion, flooding, and storms do to coastal developments?


Proponents want you to believe approval will include a hotel, commerical development, open space and more. But Measure W does not guarantee that a hotel or any commerical will be built. The City's own analysis concludes the City has no power to compel the developer to build any part of the project. We could end up with a housing project and nothing more. 


The City's analysis says this measure "neither approves a specific project nor does it contain specifics about what a future project might include." It also says: "The principal effect of the initiative will be to eliminate the public vote requirement for any residential development on the Quarry Site," except under limited circumstances. Why give up the only leverage voters have withoutk nowing what the project will be, and without guarantees that any promised benefits will happen?


Instead of offering a specific plan, the developer wants a blank check to choose which elements to build. We have no idea what will be built. We don't know what the impacts will be. We don't know what the costs and liabilities for the City will be. We don't know what the traffic will be like. We are being asked to roll the dice on a very risky bet.




/s/ Julie Starobin, Treasurer and Principal Officer Committee to Oppose Rezoning the Pacifica Quarry

/s/ Peter Loeb, former Pacifica mayor

/s/ Cynthia Kaufman, former Pacifica School Board Trustee

/s/ Chaya Gordon, Cho-Chair Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives 

Replies to Arguments FOR


DON'T BE MISLED. Measure W authorizes the City Council to rezone the Quarry to allow 4-story buildings with 206 multi-family units - bad development that doesn't belong on our coastside. The proponents conveniently left this out of their argument.


DON'T BE FOOLED by empty promises of "community benefits" and "significant new tax revenue." The City's official report confirms that Measure W neither guarantees nor requires that a hotel or any commerical components ever be built. We believe any Quarry development must be appropriate for our coastside and be revenue-positive. Measure W doesn't ensure this. The developer's promises are unenforceable.


The City's official report says that Measure W doesn't approve a specific project. It is a vague proposal to build a whole new neighborhood with no review of traffic and environmental impacts until after we vote. The City's report concludes that under this measure, neither the City nor the voters could compel the developer to build the things he is promising.


Proponents say you aren't giving up your rights. WRONG. The City's official report says that Measure W will "eliminate the vote requirement for any residential development on the Quarry Site" except under limited circumstances. The developer could build housing without any commercial elements, with no further public vote.


/s/ Karen Rosenstein, Co-Chair Committee to Oppose Rezoning the Pacifica Quarry

/s/ Mike Ferreira, Chair, Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter

/s/ David Carlos Davidson, Member, Pacifica Climate Committee

/s/ William "Leo" Leon, Former Planning Commissioner, Pacifica

/s/ Victor Carmichael, Chair, Committee to Save the Fish & Bowl 2.0 

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Fellow Pacificans, we trust you to get the facts about Measure W.

You don't have to believe the exaggerations and misleading statements from opponents of Measure W. We don't expect you to blindly take our word either.

We trust and respect you to read Measure W yourself.

When you do, you'll see voting YES ON MEASURE W:

 * sets strict, voter-approved limits on any development at the Quarry

 * gives voter the right to vote again on any Quarry development if the City Council exceeds restrictions in Measure W

 * Requires Quarry development to preserve at least 75% of the property as permanent open space

 * requires the developer to pay for new and improved trails connecting Rockaway Beach to Mori Point

 * requires buildings at the Quarry to use green building standards

 * mandates full environmental review before any project approval

 * ensures that before any building permit is issued at the Quarry, the City Council must require the developer to mitigate any significant traffic impacts

 * requires the developer to reclaim the old mining site so hillsides are stabilized and wetlands are restored

 * allows hotel and retail development which will bring the City millions in new tax revenue

With that revenue, we can repave city roads, invest in parks, and improve public safety.

Pacifica is a great place to live today but some new places to eat out, shop, or gather would be nice, too.

YES ON MEASURE W established an open, transparent process to allow limited development at the Quarry under strict restrictions set by voters.

More information at

Pacifica wins with Measure W!

/s/ Michael Mooney, Liberty Garden developer

/s/ Gerald Trecroci, Former School Board Member

/s/ Pamela Winston, Designer, Business Owner 

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