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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de BerkeleyCandidato para Alcalde

Photo de Guy "Mike" Lee

Guy "Mike" Lee

Community Volunteer
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Good Government is a responsive government this is why I embrace an open door policy. Your e mails and phone calls will be answered
  • Public Safety overall crime rate is 59% higher then the national average
  • Fiscal responsibility The city is one billion dollars in debt and must be corrected immediatly



Profesión:community volunteer
retirerd construction worker small business owner, self (2000–current)

Actividades comunitarias

Organizer, First They Came For The Homeless (2015–current)
Member at large, Friends of Adeline (2016–current)
Member at large, Berkeley Tenets Union (2016–current)
Member at large, Berkeley Progressive Aliance (2016–current)


The 1960’s were tumultuous times. A time of hope and anger. A time of dreams and desperation shattered by water hoses, billy clubs, tear gas and needless deaths. It was in this era that I grew up in


My name is Michael Lee and it my immense pleasure to be your candidate for the Mayor of Berkeley in November 2016. I am a first generation American , my father is Korean and my mother is from the Philippines, my grandparents lived in Hawaii and were non- english speaking immigrants from Korea. They subsequently pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and put nine kids through college.


At age 11 I was one of the youngest members of the anti-war group Student Mobilization Committed Against the War. One of my earliest lessons was that its important to always do the right thing no matter what the consequences are. Defense of the community and to serve it is what my life has been and currently is.


Over the years I have been associated with Industrial Workers of the World, the Central American Solidarity Movement,  Irish Northern Aid Committee Irish Republican Socialist Party. In 1985 I was elected the President of the San Francisco Union of the Homeless. Based on my effectiveness, I was subsequently assigned to the Organizing Team of The National Union of the Homeless.


In 1992 due to my adamant defense of People’s Park I became one of the Four named defendants in a SLAPP suit filed by the University of Berkeley.


For some time now I along with Mike Zint, First They Came For The Homeless, Berkeley Post Office Defenders and concerned citizens have defensed the local post office by occupying space in front of it. We take the opportunity to serve the community by for example profering over three hundred free meals a week and providing crucial information. We have in fact become a community center and switch board.


I am an experienced facilitator, networker, articulate and understand finance and policy development. I bring to the table a demonstrated ability to form strategic partnerships between those of very diverse opinions.

My most recent accomplishment resulted in an extremely large coalition centered on creating a Tiny Homes Community here in Berkeley. This will result in ending homeless by the end of the year 2016.





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Featured Endorsements

  • Dan McMullen Commisioner Human Welfare and Community Action Commission
  • Paul Boden Western Regional Advocacy Project
  • Boona Cheema Community Advocate

Organizaciónes (1)

  • Green Party of Alameda County

Individuos (6)

  • Mark Coplan Candidate for City Council District 3
  • Kelley Cutler Community Advocate
  • Sofia Hernandez Stillwater Vice-president of "Century of the Child".
  • Debby Charlene Segal Retired Civil Servant.
  • Mike Zint Co - Founder First They Came For The Homeless
  • Katy Blau, Homeless Advocate and Peer Educator"

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters—Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (4)

If you are elected, what would you like to achieve during your term in office?
Respuesta de Guy "Mike" Lee:

Public Safety #1 priority - The overall crime rate in Berkeley is 51% higher then the national average. The main reason is we have police chasing homeless people.

Enforce Police Accountability – Racial profiling is a huge problem as documented by the National Lawyers Guild. It is my perception that a climate has been created which finds this behavior acceptable. I don't and will terminate anyone who practices this type of behavior.

Build Housing We Can All Afford – Current public policy is focused on building only luxary apartments. This is a dangerous and myopic policy which much be addressed now. The first step is ANY new development must get 80% approval from the immediate neighborhood before proceding.

End Homelessness Now! A Hand Up Not A Hand Out - The current system is broken, based on charity and not real solutions. Proven solutions that are employed in other cities are not even considered. There must be a community based response to homelessness that incorporates short,medium and long range goals.

Cal Students Deserve A Voice – Making up nearly 30% of the total population, paying aproxinmately $100,000 a month in sales tax they have no direct voice on City Council. This is unacceptable and its time to end taxation without representation

 Neighborhood Council- A Direct Path To Democracy is realized with the creation of neighborhood councils that are directly involved in setting public policy and keeping elected representatives accountable.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the city?
Respuesta de Guy "Mike" Lee:

Fiscal responsibility

Currently the City is one billion dollars in debt. The current proposed solution is to mitigate part of this by floating a bond i.e. borrow money. This ploicy of robbing Peter to pay Paul must stop

How do you plan to balance the regional Planned Bay Area (ABAG/MTC) goals of Priority Development Areas (PDAs) with local needs of property owners, traffic/parking/congestion problems, and other local concerns?
Respuesta de Guy "Mike" Lee:

I believe that we first need to summarize the goals of ABAG. We then need to take that summary into the community and solicit input from those whose quality of life is affected. At the end of the day if ABAG does not serve the needs of the community we may have to walk away

Considering the disintegration of local infrastructure, how can the city upgrade to meet the current regulatory requirements for clean air and for clean water discharge into the Bay?
Respuesta de Guy "Mike" Lee:

Fiscal responsibility and prioritization:

We must put the city squarely on the track of fiscal responsibility. No more discounts or rebates to developers. Every single expenditure must be performance based with a mechanisim of accountability attached to it. The days of simply handing out bags of money must stop.


We are never going to have the entire amount we need to fix the infrastructure at one time. Thus we need to prioritize which projects get done first. My priorities are

1.) Repurpose old city hall using part of it to provide emergency shelter for the homeless giving them a place to rest instead of outside businesses

2.)  Veterans building relocate city services at least in part

3.)  Senior centers

Current environmental regulations are not enforced. Commisioner McMullen suggests deputizing volunteers to take up that role.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? Robert F. Kennedy

I am a moderate embracing the perspective and sentiment of Bobby Kennedy. My core belief is that of direct democracy in which the people themselves, rather than elected representatives, determine the laws and policies by which they are governed. As such I am the first candidate to advocate for the creation of neighborhood assemblies as the basis for crafting public policy. Many challenges face our small village. The only true way to resolve these obstacles is through community initiative

Unfortunately at present we have a non-responsive government. The only time we hear from them is when they appear on our doorstep begging for votes or money. Other then that our e-mails and phone calls are ignored. What is the direct result of this is that the city is currently one billion dollars in debt, rents have escalated out of control, crime is fifty- eight percent higher then the national average and homelessness has increased by fifty-three percent.

All of these issues can be solved when we as a community sit down at the kitchen table and exchange ideas and potential solutions.

To initiate a process of direct democracy I will have an open door policy. You come to the fifth floor someone will speak with you. Your phone calls and e-mails will be answered. The community will be continually apprised of events which may affect your quality of life through the use of community visits, face book, public access television and what ever means necessary to insure the voice of the community is heard.

As a former business owner I am a fiscal conservative. Currently the financial policy of the City can only be described as tax and spend. It has no idea of why its spending limited resources except that it sounds good or maybe it will result in a few more votes. This policy of fiscal irresponsibility can be seen in the following action taken by council. Despite being one billion dollars in debt they are advocating borrowing one hundred million dollars in the form of a bond measure. Their justification is that previous bonds are being paid off so it won't cost any more. I won't go into the math of why this is foolish but simply say this is nothing but robbing Peter to pay Paul. Another action which was taken by some of my opponets was to award thirteen million dollar tax rebate to a luxary hotel developer. They awarded zero to our police, fire fighters or teachers. Neither did residents of Berkeley get a piece of this action. We who have for years contribute to the City coffers on a daily basis didn't even get an ice cream cone! Debt sucks we all know that. As such the last thing you do to get out of debt is dig yourself deeper by borrowing more or just throw money away. We spend years paying off a mortgage and once we do our reaction is to do a happy dance not run and go back into hock. While those who currently ask for your vote can brag about how many years they have been around and all the wonderfull things they have done at the end of the day their hair brained schemes if continued will lead us all to ruination.

As a fiscal conservative I believe that every single dollar spent is not an expenditure it is an investment. As such I want to see what return we are going to receive. I'm also going to demand that all contracts be performance based. You either do the job you agree to do or don't get paid.

As a moderate my decisions will be made in the context of what is fair and just for the majority of the people. As a fiscal conservative the days of squandering precious resources, and maintaining a hostile climate for small business is over. For together we are going to build a future for our children and grandchildren. Together we are going to embrace A New Vision for A New Future.



Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Solving Homeless Immediately Homeless Senior Citizens


Seltering Homeless Senior Citizens

Homeless senior citizens are probably the most underserved segment of the homeless population. The Streets of Berkeley have become the new retirement home.

Due to age this population is very vunerable to life threatening sickness. Something as minor as a cold could lead to a painfull and slow death.

Many inhabit Berkeleys doorways due solely to the fact there is no housing available at a price they can afford. Obviously Council does not presently have the resources to house the entire population immediately. On the flip side of the coin neither can Council afford not to provide some type of shelter.

West Berkeley senior center is largely unused due to the fact financial resources are not available to maintain its operation as originally intended. The unused shelter should be converted to a year around shelter for 100 Senior citizens. During inclimate weather it can double as an emergency shelter at a minimal additional cost.



Two full time positions $60,000 (2 positions x $30,000 year = $60,000)

One part time position $30,000

Maintenance supplies $30,000

Total liabilities

$120,000 per year

$10,000 per month

$335.00 per day (Rounded up. based on $10,000 per month divided by 30 days in month)

$3.35 per resident per day ( based on 100 residents

In order to keep operation costs at a minimum residents are responsible for all maintenace chores. This is a system employed by Seattle Housing And Resource Effort

All potential residents will be screened by the HUB. The Hub will maintain a day to day roster.

Residents are requiered to develop a plan of action and work with available case managers with the specific goal of attaining alternative housing.

In lieu of program participation resident may choose to pay one third of their monthly income.

Rules of conduct are very simple

No Drugs,alcohol or drug paraphernalia. If you show up intoxicated you will not be allowed into shelter.

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. On site monitors will issue one warning and one warning only. Next incident means you leave for the night.

Increasing Public Safety without calling Batman and Robin


Crime in Berkeley is 58% higher then the national average. Here is the solution to addressing this issue

There is no arguing the fact that crime is out of control here in our fair city. Some sources have quoted at least 50% higher then the state average and others as high as 66%. Violent crime is at least 20% higher. It is my perspective that one of the contributing factors is the fact that public policy encourages law enforcement to chase homeless people instead of catching bad guys.
What is important is this doesn't seem to be a real concern of the current City  Council so it is now time for an organized community response.
What is proposed here is largely based on assumption. It also incorporates many years of personal observation and study. A lot of what is discussed here may or may not be in place. The purpose of this is simply to tender a possible solution and to act as a starting point of discussion. Of course we can always cross our fingers, call Batman and Robin then it will all magically go away.
A triangle is considered by many to be one of the most powerfull structures in the world. This is so because each side renforces the other and is applicable to anything you can concieve.
By refering to the graphic you can see I've overlaid a triangle on a voter precinct map.  I've establised and labeled three base points and connected the dots. At each basepoint is established either a formal substation or at the very least a mobile command center. To each are assigned ten patrol officers and two logisitics/dispatch officers for a total of twelve. Patrol area is divided into four blocks of ten with two officers assigned to each block. The two remaining consitute a flying squad assigned to patrol the entire fourty square blocks. They will respond to any situation as an immeadiate renforcement to first responders. At any given time there will be a patrol overlap between substations. This structure can be modified depending on patrol needs. By adding a  fourth substation at California and Sixty Second creates another triangle. What this system accomplishes is a focusing and efficient deployment of limited resources.
The real power of this strategy is realized with community involvement. Presently there are nummerous Neighborhood watch groups. It needs to be clearly understand what these groups need to operate better. Would it be usefull for instance to have bike patrols or walking beat officers? Direct communication to local substation/mobile command is another idea. What ever conclusion is arrived must originate from the community. For without their input any plan or scheme is doomed to fail. We are then left with two choices. Accept the escalating crime rate or call Batman and Robin.

Pathway To Democracy


The means and method to creating direct democracy resulting in the city's problems being solved

The inhabitants of our small village are looking for answers. They wonder why when walking down Shattuck out of every doorway peer a pair of eyes set in a haggard face. Why they ask themselves is rent so high and  crime rate spiraling out of control? Sitting at their kitchen table, bills spread out in front of them confused that taxes are becoming a worrisome burden. Village elders forced to decide whether to pay for prescriptions or rent. Food has already become a non-consideration. Monday through Friday lunch at the senior center. Hoping to get lucky and hit the Trader Joes lottery so they have a scrap of bread to eat during the weekend. A homeless wheelchair bound man sits not in a rocking chair on the porch but in Constitution square. Rain beats down on his hollow chest as he struggles vainly to get up the  hill towards emergency shelter. A vulnerable homeless woman wonders why this is happening to her as threadbare clothes are torn from her frail body to suffer once again hours if not days of physical abuse.

They all ask where are the village chiefs? They are nowhere to be found  Their looming presence can be felt. Like Rehoboam  making our yoke heavier, not lighter.  Instead of stone it is escalating rents and building housing that only a minority can afford. Scourging us with the whip of homelessness and misplaced priorities. 


The present social order which we all participate in is administered by representative democracy.  Allowing  a small group of people to run things for us in our behalf. A best case scenario is we then hold them accountable for their actions.


How is it we hold them accountable? Well every once in a while we get to vote them off the island. If you have time and energy to trudge down to  weekly council meeting the Chiefs awards us a grand privilege of blathering for two minutes. That is if the Grand Poobah sitting center stage decides we deserve such a blessing. Ah but if lots of villagers want to speak our time gets cut to 60 seconds. Doesn’t matter if people are dying in the streets, sidewalks need fixing or you just saw the cow jump over the moon.


On a day to day basis we are held powerless by representative democracy. Is that really true? 

I'll concede the fact that it may be necessary for one person to represent the interests of thousands. How this is possible is a mystery to me but I’ll go along with the program. At its core the system only works if we hold our representative accountable. Under the present system that is next to impossible. 


Government is not supposed to be in charge or in control of your giving or your desire to help your fellow settler.

Instead of people wandering around with their hands out looking for the government to do things for them, they should instead consider what they, personally, can do for the individuals in their community, nation (and the world). The problem comes when people start to think the government should dictate who is helped, how they are helped, and how much of YOUR money is used to help. Serious problems arise when we acquiesce to the Chiefs. 

To correct this what I envision is a federation of neighborhood groups directly involved in setting public policy and holding elected representatives accountable.

It starts from the ground. I can see 10 participants per block who go door to door asking for participants. As more and more become involved a neighborhood council is formed. Subsequently a district council. 

A practical example is Susan is very concerned about the sidewalk in front of her house. So much so she mentions it to Bob who agrees. They gather more of their neighbors and form a council. They then approach their City Council member who can't be found but they do get an e mail full of platitudes At the end of the day it just means go away and don't bother me.

As a result Susan,Bob and all participants decide to fix it themselves so Max a wheelchair bound veteran can get to Berkeley bowl. 

It doesn’t matter what the topic is the community now has a conveyance to solve any problems and bring innovative ideas to the table of common discussion. This configuration results in elected City Council member being transformed into a facilitator. Thus the community exerts direct control over the council. We no longer have one person doing for all of us for we are Doing It Ourselves.

What is needed today is A New Vision For A New Future. A vision which has as its cornerstone the understanding that the individual can only survive and prosper is if the collective body does. Focused on creating a more egalitarian and participatory process based on not coercion or wishful thinking but voluntary cooperation. Only until we as individuals truly believe that we as a community can move mountains together will the challenges that face all of us be confronted in a meaning

ful and effective way. This is the pathway to true and direct democracy.


Nuts and Bolts - How It Works

This idea is based on the number of 10.  10 to form any one element.

To further this idea I will walk the streets with interested parties. Not only that each 10 x 10 formed will receive $100.00 seed money from City coffers and an additional $100.00 matching grant. 

Upon formation of neighborhood council the city will sponsor a block party cost caped at $500.00. The city will provide $500.00 seed money and $500.00 matching grant. 

Upon formation of district council city will host a block party cost caped at $1,000.00. The city will provide $1,000.00 seed money and $1,000.00 matching grant.


Videos (4)

CalTV News sits down with  Michael Lee to talk about his campaign for Mayor of Berkeley. 

— September 14, 2016 East Bay Media Center - oldbumformayor - Lee-2016

Pratical demonstration of how the community can solve its own problems

— September 14, 2016 East Bay Media Center - oldbumformayor - Lee-2016

Firebrand Mike Lee address community on the state of the City

— September 14, 2016 Mike Zint

Funny and cutting edge Mike speaks about his experience as a defender of Berkeley's post office, Liberty City and his campaign

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