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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de Menlo ParkCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Cecilia T. Taylor

Cecilia T. Taylor

Educator / Community Advocate
6,863 votos (30.3%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Safe Routes to school citywide - and safe transit through Menlo Park for pedestrians, bicyclists, SAMTrans riders and cars (77,000 per commute each morning through our city via the Dumbarton Bridge)
  • Affordable housing should be a requirement in every office development. Teachers, firefighters, public safety officers, employees of small local business and current residents should be able to live where they work.
  • A voice for the fastest growing neighborhood in Menlo Park which has had no representation for on the City Council for 30 years. Menlo Park. Many Neighborhoods. One City.



Profesión:Educator/Community Adocate
Private Instructor/Tutor - Adults and Children, Independent Contractor (2001–current)
Traveling Notary, Independent Contractor (2006–current)
Math Club Instructor, Daly City Partnership (2012–2014)
Member, Adhoc Advisory Board for San Mateo County Housing Authority — Cargo designado (2001–2011)
Preschool Teacher, The Learning Center (2003–2008)
Math Instructor, San Francisco State University -EOP (1998–2003)


San Francisco State University Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (not availa)
Cañada College Certificate , Early Childhood Education (not availa)
Menlo Park Fire District Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Certification, To protect and preserve life and property from the impact of fire, disaster, injury and illness (2016)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, Belle Haven Neighborhood Association (2016–current)
CERT - Community Emergency Response Team, Menlo Park Fire District (2016–current)
Volunteer Tutor, homeless shelter, San Francisco Homeless Shelter (unnamed due to confidentiality) (2013–2014)
Volunteer Community Tutor, Self (1995–2012)
Volunteer Positive Image Awards, EPA Team Home (1993–1995)

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Featured Endorsements

  • Deep Menlo by Stuart Soffer, October 14, 2016
  • The Almanac, October 11, 2016

Organizaciónes (2)

  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • San Mateo County Democrats

Funcionarios electos (1)

  • Rex Ianson, Menlo Park Fire District, Board of Directors

Individuos (3)

  • Pat Former, Former Mayor East Palo Alto
  • Barabara & Jim Newton, Residents
  • Jack Morris, Former Mayor Menlo Park

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Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety


This a response to the Menlo Park Bicycle Commision's question, "What bicycle/pedestrian policies/improvements will you work to implement if you are elected?"


"There needs to be safe complete bicycle and pedestrian routes for everyone in Menlo Park. My interest and concerns about bicycling in Menlo Park include both children and adults. We need to protect everyone throughout the City, pedestrian, bicyclist, Children, Young Adults, Adults and Seniors. There needs to be a Policy for Safe Routes to schools and libraries, places where residents frequent on a bicycle or by walking.

Safe bicycling begins with adults, as they are the one who introduce biking to children. Menlo Park is a suburb where biking should be an appealing alternative to driving. That said, I am dedicated to safe routes for all people of Menlo Park, no matter where they live, East or West of 101 or El Camino Real.

Specifically, the City needs to install a sign on Van Buren Rd. at Ringwood at the entrance/exit of the Ringwood Bike/ped overcrossing of 101. This is an unprotected and dangerous for all users of the bridge over 101.

While I believe the city needs a safe bicycle route for the East of ECR students attending Hillview School and West of ECR students attending M.A. High School, I have concerns about the Oak grove Bicycle Blvd. Once Greenheart office/housing development is completed, the entrance to the underground parking garage is at the rear of the building and Garwood Way is the access to the garage. There needs to be a sign that gives the bicyclists heading West the right of way over drivers entering and leaving Harwood Way. This development may have 1,000 office workers and approximately 300 residents. Additionally drivers will need education and appropriate audible images for bicycles and pedestrians. We need to approach safety from all perspectives: driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist.

The Middle Ave undercrossing that leads into the Stanford project plaza puts bicyclists on Middle Ave where the entrance/exit of Safeway to the north and the Shell Gas Station to the east. These two busy entrances/exits may put children at risk. Further west there is perpendicular parking at Nealon Park that can be problematic for bicyclists expecting a protected bicycle route. Make it safe for people using this route.

The new school Upper Laurel on Elliot will serve children as far away at Santa Monica. These children need safe crossing at Willow and green Bike lanes on Gilbert, (and O’Connor if that is the chosen route). Elliot is a small residential street that could use sharrows.

All of Belle Haven needs a comprehensive analysis to create safe routes for children. Since Menlo Park has several school districts, it makes complete sense to have a City wide policy for safe routes to school that ensures equity in safety for people in Belle Haven who choose walking and biking out of the community and for school and enjoyment. Children often go unaccompanied by adults and need engineered sidewalks, intersection crossings and bike routes. On several occasions I have watched students on bicycles and walking across a danger and unmarked overpass, Willow Road. This is a direct route to access schools, employment, and shopping. I believe a crossing guard or safety monitor on both sides of the entrances and exits can be a temporary fix. In addition, crossing guards can be beneficial throughout the city, especially along Willow Road (from Hamilton Ave to Middlefield). Flashing Yellow Lights and painting crosswalks is also necessary to make crossings safer and more visible to drivers.

Chilco now has bike lanes and that is only a start. I look to the Bicycle Commission to kick-start a study of Belle Haven’s safe routes to school possibilities. Residents are concerned (an estimated 77,000 cars cross the Dumbarton bridge on weekdays) with increased traffic. Walking and bicycling is dangerous around Hamilton Ave, Ivy Drive, and Newbridge St, especially crossing Willow Road. On several occasions, I have observed several vehicles blocking the intersection preventing visibility of the traffic light that announces when it is safe for students to cross the street.

Pedestrian and Bicycle safety must become an immediate priority for the City of Menlo Park, especially since we have yet to solve the traffic issues. Encouraging residents to get out of their cars is difficult when the roads they will walk and/or bike upon are not safe. I look forward to taking a leadership role to ensure short and long term solutions. Thank you for your time."

Videos (1)

— November 1, 2016 Cecilia Taylor

This video presents the candidate's experience of living in the portion of Menlo Park that is deeply effected by development.

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