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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de CalexicoCandidato para Council Member

Photo de Esther Alicia Marquez

Esther Alicia Marquez

liberal studies / social science major/ home maker
742 votos (2.06%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Bring more companies and education programs to our youth and Calexico residents, to make a stronger and safer, healthier, community while ending corruption by promoting ethics, legal actions, monthly budget reports, and helping unions become stronger
  • If elected as I candidate the first thing i would do is study our budget system and find out what goes where. In order to start a new cycle we need to know with what we came into, to be able to see how we can improve and what things can be done first
  • working with the children and families of Calexico promoting small family businesses while beautifying our downtown buildings



Profesión:liberal studies / social science major/ home maker
Beautification Commissioner, City Council of Calexico Pro term Mayor John Moreno — Cargo designado (2015–2016)
Substitute teacher, T.A., Clerk, Heber elementary, San Diego Unified School District, Calexico Unified School district (1996–2007)


San Diego State University B.A., Liberal Studies / Social Science ( in progress) (2009)

Actividades comunitarias

voleenter , Proyecto calle 13, Kennedy Garden neighborhood watch, (2014–current)


Hello my name is Esther Alicia Marquez and I am 40 years old. I am a resident of the City of Calexico. I have lived here all my life.  I have never moved from Calexico because it is a perfect town to live in you get to meet people from many directions. I remember when i was a little girl I would always say that I wanted to be Mayor of my town, because it always had the best parades, the best carnivals, the best restaurants and the best schools. The best parks to play or throw your parties at and the best church! I wanted to grow old here and raise my family in a great beautiful city such as my Calexico. Everywhere you looked it looked colorful, full of smiling people, children playing outside all the time even in the summer. Fire officers and Police officers always around protecting our city or teaching our children how to be safe. Our houses and blocks full of seasonal life fall and winter wonderlands.  Our parades full of characters and magic!


 But today as a grown woman a single mother of two young men all I see are shades of grey and red.  There are more red flags in our city because of bad administering that for me is more greedy administrators thats take money that do not belong to them but our city. Years after years we just read and listen to how bad Calexico’s situation is and how no one knows where the money goes but it's ok to deal with it. Most of all Im concerned on how they have lost control of our people, our children, our parents by ignoring their needs and cry for help.

 Our streets have not been well maintained our parks every so many years they put a light bulb or water the parks. Activities for our kids are less unless the parent has money to put them in an activity camp. But there are so many parents out of work and many families suffering economically and there is no help for them.  When the state provides money for all of that. Where do those grants go? Why is our city so empty business wise? Why do we have to  suffer the repercussions of money laundering?  Why do our families voice are not heard?


 Another problem that has been going on for many years is that our own city council doesn’t get along. How does anyone expect to get anything done if a group does not agree? When more members feel they have more power than other members? For me the city council is the head of household of the city of Calexico and the head of household lets the family know the problems and how they can be fixed.  But here in Calexico there shouldn't be meetings because they end up deciding what they want and do not listen to the people they just ignore them and sit the down with a “ i'm sorry your time is up” or with a “ let’s make a motion on that” but after they walk that door it’s like it never happened.

 Our children want parks where they can go exercise and play or skate but they don’t have those places, they took down the only skate park they had and turned it into a wellness park. There are many other parks that could have turned into wellness park but why take away fun  activities. Now our children have to skate in the streets or get on a bus to go to brawley or el centro to their skate parks. Why don’t we have a pet park? Why don’t we have good streets cleanup. Where is all the money going? Calexico is one of the most cities that receives millions of dollars per day. Where is that money?

 Why is our downtown so messy and trashy? Why do we have too many open for rent buildings? Why are there so many homeless people in our city homeless?  What is happening to the control of our city? Who is having it? Why do they have to cut the wages to people have been working for many years in our city? Why are they paying more money to the newcomers? Who is really controlling Calexico?


That is why I decided to run because I want to get to the bottom of this, I don’t believe anything the council says anymore and neither do the people. I decided to run as a citizen as a member of Calexico because there is no way of knowing what is really happening until you are seated in one of those chairs.

 Let us uncover our eyes Calexico and not let ourselves be blinded or bought with cheap change!  Fighting for you till the end!! Because I love you Calexico!!

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Filosofía política

  The vision I have  for California and our communiry is first of all to set realisitc goals that can be reached in a future. We need to be able to make progress by finding different working methods with employers to make employees be happy and work more efficiently because they are given security to the wealfare of their families and their community. If employers secure their employees by supporting the unions then employees will be happy and enthusiastic because their union is stronger than ever.  

  How can we accomplish this? By educating and working together and coming to an agreement with companies and employers and employees all over health care, school districts, food chain companies, agriculture workers, caregivers, factory workers, city and state officials that we can find a way to secure their future for them and their families. Retirement, sick leave, child care, and educational grants , low insurance fair, more tax deductibles, that will enable low income, middle class an opportunity to financially grow instead of living a day at a time working just to pay their bills with no extra spending cash to be able to have a stress free life.  Stress is our number one killer worldwide and all of the people are always stress because of economy and that needs to be reduced a day at a time.

  Working together recycling our money will make companies and workers a stronger and more productive establishment providing a stronger union.

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