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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Condado de OrangeCandidato para Supervisor, Distrito 4

Photo de Lucille Kring

Lucille Kring

Anaheim Councilwoman/Businesswoman
15,347 votos (17.4%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Tackling the surge in street drug use, homelessness and street crime.
  • Support budgets that prioritizes public safety and eliminates government waste.
  • Create County task force to independently measure and address the Prop 47 and Prop 57 created crime surge.



Profesión:Councilmember / Businesswoman
Councilwoman, City of Anaheim, District 4 — Cargo elegido (2016–current)
Councilwoman, City of Anaheim — Cargo elegido (2012–2016)
Councilwoman, City of Anaheim — Cargo elegido (2006–2008)
Councilwoman, City of Anaheim — Cargo elegido (1998–2002)


Lucille Kring was re-elected to the Anaheim City Council in November 2016, representing District 4 in south Anaheim.


From December 2015 to December 2016, Kring served as mayor pro tem on the Council for the second consecutive year. She previously served as an Anaheim City Council Member from 1998 to 2002 and 2006 to 2010.

A graduate of Western State University College of Law with a law degree, Kring practices in the fields of labor, employment and real estate law.

Kring also holds a current California real estate broker license and a bachelor’s in chemistry.

Kring was an Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and was named Ambassador of the Year after amassing 500 hours of volunteer service to the community. In 1996, Kring was elected to the chamber’s board of directors and served in that capacity until 2011.

Kring is active in many organizations including as a board member of Anaheim Beautiful, Anaheim Regional Medical Center, Anaheim Family YMCA, Cops 4 Kids and Orange County Vector Control District.

Kring also serves on the Orange County Fire Training Joint Powers Authority.

She has been active in many community organizations in Anaheim, including the Canyon Hills Community Council July 4th celebration, and she is a past president of the Anaheim Rotary Club. A 20-year cancer survivor, she also served on the North Orange Unit for the America Cancer Society for several years.

Kring and her husband Ron are active in their church, have a rescue dog and cat, and have lived in Anaheim since 1989. In their free time they enjoy travel, golf, gardening, reading and cooking.

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Organizaciónes (2)

  • California Women's Leadership Association
  • California Republican Taxpayers Association

Funcionarios electos (2)

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald - Fullerton Councilwoman
  • Kris Murray - Anaheim Councilwoman

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and the League of Women Voters of Orange Coast (1)

  According to a “Civility in America” survey, 75% of Americans believe that the U.S. has a major civility question. If you are elected what will you do to address this?  
Respuesta de Lucille Kring:

I believe the lack of civility is borne from a small minority of people who exploit their right to free speech to engage in ad hominem and baseless attacks rather than discuss the merits of an issue. 

It is up to all of us as a society to reject that form of discourse and demand more out of our public discourse. 

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters of North Orange County (3)

  What is at the heart of the immigration issue for you?  
Respuesta de Lucille Kring:

Nobody can deny there is entirely too much political posturing and demagoguery on this issue from both sides of the political aisle.


So my approach has been to view this issue through the lens of what is most beneficial to the people that I represent. 


Keeping that in mind, I support strong policing of our borders due to increased drug and human trafficking across our Southern Border. 


I am supportive of finding ways to improve our guest worker programs and feel that we can handle undocumented minors in California with compassion. 


Finally, I am opposed to provisions in California’s Sanctuary State law because I believe they needlessly hinder local law enforcement’s ability to protect the public. Within the confines of the constitution, decisions on whom to release or subject to increased scrutiny should be made by law enforcement – not politicians.

  What do you think is contributing to homelessness right now?  What do you expect from your city, county, state, or federal government with regards to homelessness?  
Respuesta de Lucille Kring:

I believe that Prop. 47 is the single most damaging factor contributing to homelessness and the California Democratic Party's position of blaming the voters is shameful given that it was Kamala Harris who deceived California voters by calling Prop 47 "The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act". 

Most California voters thought they were voting to lessen prison terms for small drug offenses.  Instead they were in essence decriminalizing the use of drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, etc. for use by homeless individuals who are written a misdemeanor ticket and let go. 

The deception of California voters by then Attorney General Kamala Harris aside, the reality is that Prop. 47 is state law (for now) and we must find solutions locally to combat the negative impacts on our community.  Due to Prop 47, we no longer can compel addicts into treatment under threat of felony charges for repeat drug use (heroin, meth, etc.).  We must give our Sheriff's and District Attorneys new tools to compel people into treatment.   

  In 2017, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted against conducting the vote center model for the 2018 election although authorized under the Voter's Choice Act.  If elected, would you support implementation of this law for Orange County beginning with the 2020 election; why or why not?  
Respuesta de Lucille Kring:

I would support the Vote Center Model, provided steps be taken to eliminate new opportunities for voter fraud. 

2018 marks the first election in California where anybody can deliver your ballot for you.  We are the only state in the Country that does not limit the amount of ballots someone can turn in.  Literally, one person can submit thousands of ballots to a Vote Center with zero scrutiny placed on why one person is submitting so many ballots.  This "vote harvesting" presents a ripe opportunity for the abuse those whom english is their second language and also for senior citizen abuse. 

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Californians are taxed enough already and Sacramento has proven incapable of controlling spending with one pet project and boondoggle after another like the High-Speed Rail.  I believe that here in Orange County, our residents should be keeping more of what they earn to stimulate our local economy. 

That is why I am a fierce defender of Prop 13 to keep taxes low for local businesses and homeowners.  I was also the first locally to oppose new local internet taxes that hurt every local consumer and business as well limit the ability of students to prepare for the economy of tomorrow. 

My first priorirty in office to address what is undoubtedly an interconnected cycle of street drug use, homelessness and street crime. We must address this multi-faceted problem with an approach that addresses each component in a compassionate way but in a way that put the safety of our residential neighborhoods and schools first.  I am adamantly opposed to homeless tent cities in residential areas. 

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Lucille Kring's career of public service is unmatched in lowering crime and making neighborhoods and schools safe. 

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