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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Goleta Union Elementary School DistrictCandidato para Miembre de Junta

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Richard Mayer

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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Maintaining class size reduction. This includes keeping classes below 20-to-1 in the primary grades and below 24-to-1 in the upper grades, as a way of helping all students learn.
  • Insuring that a rich instructional program is available for all children. This includes high-quality instruction for every child in art, music, PE, computers, science and core programs, and providing equitable resources for English learners.
  • Attracting and retaining excellent teachers and staffs. I support treating teachers as professionals and providing innovative forms of professional development.



Profesión:College Professor, Incumbent
Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara (1975–current)
Board of Trustees, Goleta Union School District — Cargo elegido (1981–current)


University of Michigan PhD, Psychology (1973)
University of Michigan M.S., Psychology (1971)
Miami University (OH) B.A., Psychology (1969)

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Organizaciónes (3)

  • Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County
  • Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee
  • Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County

Funcionarios electos (9)

  • Monique Limon, California State Assembly, District 37
  • Janet Wolf, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, 2nd Dist.
  • Paula Perotte, Mayor, City of Goleta
  • Sholeh Jahangir, Goleta Union School Board
  • Luz Reyes-Martin, Goleta Union School Board
  • Susan Epstein, Goleta Union School Board
  • Carin Ezal, Goleta Union School Board
  • Kate Parker, Santa Barbara Unified School Board
  • Ismael Paredes Ulla, Santa Barbara Unified School Board

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Candidate Statement


This is my Candidate Statement in the Voter Guide.  

Occupation:  Incumbent, College Professor


Education and Qualifications:


I am a candidate for the Goleta Union School Board because I believe that quality schools are important.  My commitment will always be to provide high quality education for every child in the Goleta Union School District, especially during periods of uncertain funding.  I ask for your vote so I can represent your concerns on the school board.


My qualifications include being an incumbent with demonstrated commitment to education and valuable experience on the Goleta school board; a parent whose children attended Goleta public schools; a UCSB professor who values early education; a research psychologist who studies effective instructional methods for teaching math, science, and reading; and a taxpayer and neighbor living in the Goleta valley over 40 years. 


If you elect me, I will strive: (1) to always remember the interests and needs of our most precious resource—children, (2) to work for high quality education based on high standards for every child, (3) to be cost effective in keeping the district within its budget, (4) to see that our schools are responsive and accountable to the community, and (5) to be available to hear your comments, to encourage your involvement, and to represent all people within the district. 

Priorities for the Goleta Union School District


This is a summary of my priorities for the Goleta Union School District.  


            My focus is always on what is best for all the children in the district.  My highest priority is that every child leaves our district ready and eager to succeed in secondary schools and beyond.  I want to make sure we provide a high quality education for all students, including insuring that all students have small class sizes, rich instructional programs supplemented with appropriate instructional support, and excellent teaching staffs.


            Specifically, my top priorities are:


1.  Maintaining class size reduction.  This includes keeping classes below 20-to-1 in the primary grades and below 24-to-1 in the upper grades, as a way of helping all students learn.  I am proud that our current enrollment averages fewer that 19 students per class in grades K-3, and fewer than 22 students per class in grades 4-6. 


2.  Insuring that a rich instructional program is available for all children.  This includes making sure that the district provides high-quality instruction for every child in art, music, physical education, computers, and science as well as core programs in language arts, mathematics, and social studies.  It also involves providing equitable resources for English language learners and other students who may need extra support. 

Providing instructional support so all students can reach their full potential.  This includes providing reading specialists and related services for students who need them, as well as summer school, preschool, and after-school programs.  I support differentiated instruction matched to the needs of each student, but with emphasis on high achievement and growth for all students. 


3.  Attracting and retaining excellent teachers and staffs.  The success of the district depends on teachers.  I support treating teachers as professionals, and I want to continue to support compensation packages that the district’s employees deserve within the constraints of our budget.   I also will continue to support innovative forms of professional development, including regular meetings of teachers at the same grade-levels and the development of professional learning communities. 

Background Statement


This statement describes why I am running for the Goleta School Board.

Just for background: The Goleta Union School District has a 5-person board and there are 3 seats open for this election.  The Goleta school district runs 9 elementary schools covering grades K through 6 (as well preschools).  We have 3500 wonderful students and more than 500 dedicated employees.  Our annual budget is approximately $50 million.  Approximately 38% of the children come from low-income homes and 35% are in the process of learning English.


            I have the privilege of serving on the Goleta School Board since 1981.  What keeps me going? Part of the answer is that I get the chance to work with remarkable people in the District--including students and parents, teachers and classified staff, administrators and my fellow board members.  I like being part of a team that is doing something important. 


            Overall, I am passionate about this job because I think every child in our community deserves a high quality education.  Simply, I care about kids. I firmly believe that children are our most precious resource. As a board member, I get to serve my community by doing all can to ensure that every child gets the kind of quality education they need.  I am a strong proponent of public education.  As a product of public schools from kindergarten through graduate school, I see public education as a vehicle for helping students achieve their dreams. 


            All three of our children are graduates of Goleta Schools starting from kindergarten, and I want to insure all the children of our community have access to quality education.  Given my training and expertise in educational psychology, my extensive experience as a board member, and my sincere commitment to quality public education, I would like to continue serving my community as a member of the Goleta School Board.  I strongly believe in public service and serving on the Goleta School Board is a form of public service that meshes well with my interests and capabilities.


            The first few years of schooling are crucial in helping children develop the skills and knowledge they need, but also the personal beliefs in seeing themselves as competent learners who can have a bright future ahead.  As a board member, I am grateful for the opportunity to play even a small part in achieving this worthwhile goal.


            In terms of qualifications, as an incumbent, I have been learning a lot about how to maintain a stable, caring district that focuses on a high-quality education for every child.  Some of the accomplishments I am proudest of include:


maintaining small class size and welcoming schools that serve a diverse population;

providing a rich curriculum at all our schools (including art, music, physical education, hands-on science, and technology);           

providing differentiated instruction and additional services to meet the needs of each  student based on equity;

providing psychological services and social emotional learning experiences; providing an afterschool program that gives students a safe and productive place to go; providing academic preschool and summer school, before-school breakfast, and after--school homework assistance for students from low-income homes;     

providing additional class size reduction and additional certificated tutors to help students at schools with a high percentage of students from low-income homes;     

providing on-going professional development for teachers and respectfully including teachers in curricular decision making.


            In my day job, I am a psychology professor at UCSB.  My teaching and research is in educational psychology, with a focus on effective instructional methods for science, math, and reading.


I ask for your vote in this important election.  


Información de contacto del candidato

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