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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election

Senado Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 7

Photo de Marisol Rubio

Marisol Rubio

Proveedor de cuidados de la salud
68,362 votos (24.4%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Ampliar los Cuidados de la Salud de Calidad y Asequibles, y Controlar los Cambios de Costos y las Facturas Sorpresas - Nadie debe tener que decidir entre sus necesidades básicas y tratamientos, y medicamentos que salvan vidas.
  • Invertir en la Educación Pública - Financiar completamente la educación pública desde el Preescolar Universal hasta universidades de calidad y asequibles, y programas vocacionales para que cada persona tenga la oportunidad de tener éxito sin importar su código postal y su estilo de aprendizaje.
  • Proteger Nuestro Medio Ambiente - Invertir en la energía renovable y en la captura de carbono, así como, establecer la infraestructura necesaria para la transición hacia una economía ecológica.



Profesión:Proveedor de Cuidados de la Salud
Proveedor de Cuidados de la Salud, Servicios de Apoyo a Domicilio (2015–actual)
Partido Demócrata del Condado de Contra Costa, Copresidente del Comité de Asuntos — Cargo designado (2019–actual)
Partido Demócrata del Condado de Contra Costa, Delegado en General — Cargo elegido (2019–actual)
Comité de Discapacidad del Partido Demócrata de California, Comité de Educación — Cargo designado (2016–2018)
Delegado de la Convención Nacional Demócrata, Distrito del Congreso 7 — Cargo elegido (2016–2016)


University of California en Berkeley Licenciatura en Humanidades, Biología Molecular y Celular, Énfasis en Neurobiología (2013)

Actividades comunitarias

Founder, San Ramon Progressives (2016–current)


Marisol Rubio is a former scientific researcher, current health care provider, and advocate for high-need students. A second-generation American, she was raised by her single mother, a public school teacher who taught Marisol to always fight for a better future for her entire community.

Marisol experienced the unimaginable when her infant daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. If not for Marisol’s tireless advocacy on her daughter’s behalf against an unresponsive and dismissive health care system, her daughter would not have survived.

Through this experience, Marisol saw firsthand the problems that exist within our healthcare and education systems and the importance of providing quality, affordable services. She put her background as a scientist and advocate to work for others, serving as a bilingual science teacher, special education tutor, health promotion officer, and disability student advisor.

Marisol has consistently dedicated her time to advocate for our community on the environment, gun safety measures, the housing crisis, and disability and worker rights. Now, she is ready to take her lifelong commitment of fighting for others to the State Senate.

Marisol graduated from UC, Berkeley with a major in Molecular and Cell Biology, Neurobiology emphasis and received the P.E.O. Women’s Leadership Award. 

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California (4)

Housing Question

Describe what proposal(s) you would support to alleviate the shortage of affordable housing for all income groups in California?

No se proporcionó respuesta.
What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of all Californians?
Respuesta de Marisol Rubio:



To reach a goal of carbon neutrality by 2045, as set forth in a 2018 executive order what, if any, proposals, plans or legislation would you support?  Please be specific.
Respuesta de Marisol Rubio:

We can and must not only meet those goals  but surpass them. Climate science is now suggesting that even the 2018 IPCC report’s emissions targets may not be sufficient to avert a catastrophe. The California legislature should support strong climate action on all fronts to reach net zero emissions by 2030 and negative emissions soon after.

We must address our climate crisis with the urgency that it merits and move into action just as we would if it were a natural disaster or war that threatened us all. We need a California Green New Deal to build green infrastructure with all possible speed. We need to halt all new oil and gas exploration immediately while enacting a strong combination of regulations and incentives for a switch to sustainability across all sectors on the timeframe that science shows is critically needed.

We must  work  for more than a target of zero: viable climate solutions require that we go carbon negative, drawing down vast amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere. California should lead the way in investing in carbon sequestration. The sooner these projects begin, the greater their effectiveness will be.

Incarceration Question

According to the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, we spend over $81,000 per individual who is incarcerated.  Other than incarceration, what ways can the State address safety and justice?

No se proporcionó respuesta.

¿Quién proporcionó dinero a este candidato?


Dinero total recaudado: $241,778

Principales contribuyentes que dieron dinero para apoyar al candidato, por organización:

California Federation of Teachers and employees
California Labor Federation and employees
California Conference Board of the Amalgamated Transit Union
California Professional Firefighters
California School Employees Association
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
SEIU California
SEIU Local 1021
SEIU Local 2015
State Building & Construction Trades Council of California

Más información acerca de contribuciones

Por estado:

California 97.78%
District of Columbia 1.99%
Illinois 0.13%
Virginia 0.06%
Other 0.04%

Por tamaño:

Contribuciones grandes (97.84%)
Contribuciones pequeñas (2.16%)

Por tipo:

De organizaciones (82.25%)
De individuos (17.75%)
Fuente: Análisis de datos de la Secretaría del Estado de California de MapLight.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

As far back as I can remember, I was never handed anything simply because I wanted it. Everything I wanted I had to struggle to obtain, because I grew up in low-income household despite my mother being a teacher while raising three girls. Like many people, I thought my struggles were behind me when I became an adult, but that all changed with the birth of my daughter and her subsequent bout with brain cancer. 

For the past 23 years, I had to advocate on behalf of my daughter for her health care, social, and educational services that were often replete with gaps in service due to lack of funding, understaffing, and lack of understanding of the complex nature of long-term care for persons with multiple disabilities. Interestingly, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 7 children are living with disabilities in the United States; yet, we have had no major, transformative legislation on their behalf for three decades. Disability disproportionately affects our most vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and our veterans.

I have dedicated my life to fixing our broken system by going back to college and studying Molecular and Cell Biology with an Emphasis in Neurobiology at the University of California at Berkeley to help educate my daughter myself, by working in various academic labs and conducting original research, by tutoring students like my daughter who have learning disabilities, by teaching bilingual science lab courses, by volunteering at a pediatric oncology clinic and providing support to other families experiencing the same difficulties I once did with my daughter, by spearheading the Disabled Students Program Peer Advisor Division and the Biology Scholars Program Health Promotion Division at UC, Berkeley, and by volunteering my time in my local church for six years, for the FACES Medical Program for thirteen years, and within our government as a DNC delegate, At-Large Delegate, Issues Committee Co-Chair, and Diablo Valley Democratic Club Endorsements Chair for the past three years. As a result of my work, I was the recipient of a President’s Scholar Award, the National Dean’s List, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, and the PEO Women’s Leadership Award. 

Aside from my advocacy and research, I co-authored a resolution Calling for a Statewide Moratorium on Charter School Expansion and Reducing the Voting Age to 17 in California, which both qualified to be on the 2020 CDP Platform. I also helped pass the Green New Deal for California, the Public Banking Act, and the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 through the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County as the Issues Committee Co-Chair in just three months. 

I knew that one day I wanted to turn my hardship into advocacy and the failure of our government to be responsive to our needs obligated me to take this next major step in my life. I am in a unique position to help millions of caregivers and their loved ones who are living with disabilities. No one will fight harder for you than I, because this is personal. I am experiencing this socioeconomic hardship right alongside you! I understand all too well the complexities of living in poverty and trying to move up the socioeconomic ladder, while addressing multiple demands. I will never give up on you just as I never gave up on my daughter who had once been told she had six months to a year to live and should settle for vocational training and is now attending college and academically able to perform well above her expected FSIQ thanks to the chemotherapy treatment I researched and selected for her and the metacognitive approaches to learning that I taught her over the years. 

It would be my honor and privilege to serve as your State Senator in our 7th District. I will make sure that our children get an exceptional education, that workers rights are protected, they get paid FMLA, and that they receive free ongoing professional development, that the environment is protected at all costs to ensure that the next generation can enjoy our world the way we did, that the housing crisis is stabilized and resolved, that everyone has access to health care and their medications, as well as, to higher education without going bankrupt. My campaign is about reinvesting in our residents. It is about reclaiming the American Dream for everyday people!

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