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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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City of San Leandro
Measure PP - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


20,463 votes yes (68.92%)

9,229 votes no (31.08%)

100% of precincts reporting (54/54).

To maintain and enhance the City of San Leandro, with funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento, including: enhancing library programming for children, more space for books, reference materials and public access computers, enhancing parks and infrastructure, and other general City services, shall the City of San Leandro increase the ongoing transient occupancy tax charged to hotel guests from 10% to 14%, providing $200,000 annually, requiring independent citizen oversight, financial audits, and all funds staying in the City of San Leandro.

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

Vote YES on PP—San Leandro’s hotel tax measure. Protect property values and quality community services, WITHOUT taxing San Leandro’s residents or property owners.

YES on NN,OO and PP provides shelters for abused women and children

YES on NN, OO and PP fixes potholes and repairs city streets

YES on NN, OO and PP improves 911 emergency response times and provides a seismically safe police

operations center

YES on NN, OO and PP enhances safety net programs for homeless and at-risk adults and children

YES on NN, OO and PP updates the police operations center and technology so San Leandro Police

Department's crime prevention efforts will be more effective

YES on NN, OO and PP attracts new businesses and create jobs in San Leandro

YES on NN, OO and PP provides essential upgrades to our Library, including space for children's story

times, a homework center, public access computers and free wi-fi at Mulford-Marina Branch

Sacramento politicians take $12,000,000 annually from San Leandro. Funding generated by Measures NN, OO and PP replaces this funding, giving San Leandro taxpayers LOCAL control over LOCAL funds for LOCAL needs.

NO funds can be taken by Sacramento politicians.

NO money raised from Measures NN, OO and PP will be used for administrator salaries.

YES on NN, OO and  PP are fiscally accountable. All three measures require independent citizen oversight, mandatory financial audits, and yearly reports to the community to ensure that money is spent as promised.

Voting YES on Nn, OO and PP protects San Leandro property values by maintaining quality services, parks, open space and safe neighborhoods, all WITHOUT RAISING YOUR TAXES.

Join a unanimous City Council and San Leandro’s police officers, firefighters, teachers, neighborhood community leaders and business leaders in voting YES on NN, OO and PP!

For factual information about these measures, visit

Remember to VOTE LOCAL in this busy election! Join us.    

Arguments AGAINST

City Leaders claim this tax doesn’t affect any San Leandro residents, since it is only paid by customers of local hotels and short-term rentals. The proposal will raise the current transient occupancy tax from 10% to 14%, which is certainly a disincentive for tourists to book accommodations here. Oakland currently imposes an identical 14% tax (the highest in Alameda County), but has much greater hotel capacity, and a major airport to support. Emeryville’s tax is only 12% while tourists who book a hotel room anywhere in Contra Costa County pay just 10%. Hayward’s transient occupancy tax is even lower (only 8.5%). This new tax doesn’t make San Leandro look very competitive at all.

The “sharing economy” has launched an entirely new business model, complicating the traditional hospitality industry with a new, radically decentralized marketplace. Uber and Lyft disrupted the monopoly taxicab business by allowing anyone with a car to provide a valuable service for lower rates — often undercutting even public transit fares. Similarly, websites like AirBnB and VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) allow residents to rent spare rooms, boats, and sometimes even their entire houses to visitors without having to operate a commercial hospitality business, like a hotel or bed and breakfast.

The “fiscal emergency” excuse used to justify the last two sales tax measures is no longer valid. City Manager Chris Zapata reported in June that San Leandro’s financial situation is robust and healthy, which begs the question of why all these new taxes are even necessary.

Increased competition tends to drive prices downward, but increased taxation has exactly the opposite effect! Please vote NO on the hotel tax hike.

Replies to Arguments FOR

There are only four hotels in San Leandro that will be subject to the new 14% Transient Occupancy Tax: the Marina Inn, the Budget Inn, the Nimitz Motel and the Hilton Garden Inn. The supporters claim the city will collect $200,000 more every year from these four struggling businesses if this tax hike is approved.

That amount will hardly cover the annual salary of just one single San Leandro police officer. Please note that San Leandro employs 147such peace officers, 25 of whom are among the highest paid city employees, makingover$130,000 per year (not including overtime).

The new minimum wage law, on top of a 40% hotel tax increase, will likely force one or more of these hospitality businesses to lay off some of their lowest-paid workers — their housekeepers — the very people the new minimum wage was supposed to help!

The City Council didn’t even draft these arguments themselves, but copied them almost word-for-word from the same argument they used to promote Measure HH two years ago. And that argument was copied almost word-for-word from the argument they filed to support Measure Z in 2010. Both Measure Z (2010) and Measure HH (2014) were drafted and promoted by the same consulting firm who convinced them that Measures X, Y and Z were great ideas.

Our City Council never met a tax they couldn’t support, so they’ve now put THREE (3) new taxes on the November ballot. For Heaven’s sake, don’t let them rob you again!


s/ Terry Floyd

Treasure, Libertarian Party of Alameda County

s/ Marilou Amon

General Manager (Interim)

s/ Francis Leidy

Business Owner    

Replies to Arguments AGAINST

Why should the out-of-towners who visit San Leandro and use our 911, streets, parks and open space be given a free ride from contributing their fair share to these services? They shouldn’t!

FACT: Voting YES on PP simply maintains the services you rely on, without raising your taxes.

FACT: Measure PP is NOT a tax on your home or property. For years, San Leandro hotel/lodging guests have paid a “transient occupancy tax” on hotel rooms. This type of tax is only paid by hotel or lodging guests when they spend the night locally, nearly all of whom are visitors or travelers stopping in San Leandro to shop or attend our events. San Leandro residents and property owners are NOT taxed.

FACT: By increasing hotel room costs slightly, YES on PP ensures that hotel guests and visitors to San Leandro pay their fair share for the local services they use. By law, Measure PP provides local funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento, ensuring Local Control.  Sacramento politicians can’t touch this money!

The revenue generated by voting YES on PP and Measures NN &OO will be used exclusively for maintaining vital San Leandro services such as: providing shelter for abused women/children; fixing potholes and repairing city streets; improving 911 emergency response times; enhancing safetynet programs for homeless and at-risk adults & children; and providing essential improvements to the San Leandro Library.

Join a unanimous Mayor and City Council and San Leandrans from every neighborhood: Vote LOCAL by voting YES on PP, NN, and OO.


s/ Pauline Russo Cutter

Mayor, City of San Leandro

s/ Lawrence Allphin, Jr.

Vice President, San Leandro Downtown Association

s/ Dan Dillman

Historical BAL Theater Owner

s/ Evelyn J. Gonzalez

School Board Trustee    

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