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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
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Cámara de Representantes del los Estados UnidosCandidato para Distrito 5

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Alex Poling

Administrador de sistemas
4,998 votos (2.6%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Aplicar la regulación del mercado para resolver la inequidad en los ingresos
  • Reforma migratoria humana y efectiva
  • Resolver el déficit por medio de la reestructuración inteligente del presupuesto



Profesión:Administrador de sistemas de tecnologías de la información
Administrador de sistemas de tecnologías de la información, Xantrion (2015–actual)


Michigan State University Licenciatura en, Teatro (2013)


My name is Alexander Cory Douglas Poling (my parents were a bit indecisive in choosing a name).  I am 26 years old and moved here to lovely California after graduating college at Michigan State University.  I currently have my Bachelor’s in Theatre.

I have long been interested in politics probably due to the lively debates my family had around the holidays.  Family gatherings for me were a cornucopia of political opinions (and political temperaments).  These animated discussions instilled in me a deep interest in debate and argument and, honestly, that was how I delved into the field as I came of age.  In high school I found myself drawn to the debates and arguments that delved from conflicting ideologies.  There’s always a wealth of information on both sides of an argument and I love the opportunities politics provides to learn more about how everyone sees the world.

In college I was given the chance the experience what the world has to offer in a educational microcosm.  People came together to study and discuss the workings of the universe, and it was here I was instilled with an empathy I believe guides my hand in pushing forward to be your Representative.

I come to you with a history untarnished by corruptible political influences.  To quote a certain show on Broadway, “I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry.”  I have the energy, the drive and the passion that I believe is necessary when channeling the ideas of the people.  And what’s more, I have an optimism in change.  I truly believe things can work better than they do and I know that with your support we can show the country that there’s something greater waiting for us.

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Filosofía política

I believe myself to be a progressive.  And by progressive, I mean that I believe it is the purpose of our government to assist the people in driving forward.  We as a country should be continually pushing ourselves to advance, to grow and to be better.  I believe in systems designed to enhance our abilities as a whole, systems that protect and assist as many as they can.

I consider myself on the far left of the spectrum.  And I also consider this a good thing.  Currently, many of the "liberal" members of Congress are actually more centrist with a socially progressive slant.  This prevents meaningful legislation related to the free market from being debated.  The right side of the spectrum in the government is currently controlled by those off in the distance politically, moving farther and farther to the right.  However, those claiming to be on the left are actually not so.  Blue Dog Democrats, "pragmatists" and the new wave of Democrats after their beatings in the 80s have forced them to the center.  And when the far right and the center compromise, legislation ends up in the center right.  It's important that we have more room for negotiation.  We need more room to compromise. Negotiation from the center is negotiating from a place of weakness; there's no room for compromise without giving up our ideals.  They're not reaching across the aisle, they're being pulled.

I strongly believe we need more liberal politicians, not just to even out the voice in Congress but to also bring back the needed debates that craft proper legislation.  And I strongly believe I would be capable of bringing this system back to the idealogical forum for which it was designed.

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