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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
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Scott C. Meisterlin

Hombre de negocios
10,458 votos (6.8%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Garantizar una mejor rendición de cuentas y transparencia en el gobierno
  • Revigorizar y reforzar las fuerzas armadas, incluida nuestra capacidad de disuasión nuclear
  • Reparar el Código Fiscal simplificándolo y disminuyendo las tasas tributarias, incluidas las ganancias de capital, para, de nuevo, proporcionar incentivos para la inversión en nuestra economía, con lo que se crearán nuevos empleos.



Profesión:Hombre de negocios, abogado jubilado
Propietario, Propio (1998–actual)


Western State University Licenciatura en Derecho (Juris Doctor degree), Leyes (1987)
Western State University Licenciatura en, Derecho (1987)

Actividades comunitarias

Former member and current volunteer, Save the Downs Committee (2014–current)
Treasurer and volunteer, Proposition BB Committee (2012–2012)

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Counts, a public media collaboration. (4)

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Respuesta de Scott C. Meisterlin:


Given the current Administration, it is very difficult to determine what the current Immigration laws and regulations are that are being enforced.  I favor a secure border barrier of some form for National Security reasons. We have a right to know and need to know who our visitors are and to then regulate them accordingly by law. We simply cannot protect our homeland from people/forces that we do not know are here.

As for undocumented immigrants who are now here, we are a Nation with a Constitution governed by the Rule of Law. I advocate the Executive Branch actually applying our laws. I do not believe in amnesty for undocumented immigrants. However, I also do not believe the great majority of these immigrants are hardened criminals. I believe the manner to resolve this issue is for undocumented immigrants to abide by the Rule of Law and report to proper authorities within a reasonable time so they can be scheduled for a hearing to determine their ultimate status based upon the law. Regarding how to resolve individual cases, I believe that, due to our American heritage and values, the law will treat the undocumented immigrants just as we would expect to be treated if we were in their shoes (and if our laws need to be amended to make them so, we should change them accordingly). In other words, as legislators, we need to fully set the system of justice to which undocumented immigrants must subject themselves, and then all of us must trust our justice system to fairly resolve their individual cases. Those undocumented immigrants that decide not to live by the Rule of Law by reporting to authorities then will have made their own choice to live outside the law, meaning they would be subject to deportation upon discovery by their own choice.


The political climate in Washington, D.C. has been extremely partisan in recent years. In that kind of atmosphere, what would you do to get things done while in office?
Respuesta de Scott C. Meisterlin:

I believe a special bipartisan Committee on Legislation should be formed to make recommendations on legislation which should consist of Representatives sincerely interested in helping the Nation as opposed to their individual party (much as the Simpson-Bowles Committee, but with a broader jurisdiction). If such a committee cannot be properly formed on a formal basis (which may be probable), then such a group should form informally in order to further the interests of America. Honest discussion of alternatives to better the Country can yield results, and it needs to happen.   

What, if anything, does the U.S. need to do in order to address national security and terrorism? Please explain your answer in detail.
Respuesta de Scott C. Meisterlin:


Securing our borders is a national security issue. I favor building the Wall or some form of physical barrier. I also favor re-invigorating and strengthening our national security by supporting further military investment, both in troops and equipment. I specifically favor updating and strengthening our nuclear weapons capability to assure it acts as a proper deterrent.

I support young citizens being required to complete a civil defense course before the age of 21, taught by qualified members of our military. This training would expose our younger generations to proper civil defense procedures in the event such an event were to take place requiring such knowledge. Such training would also expose citizens to proper procedures for the care, use and ownership of firearms while providing a useful forum to the military to allow it to inform young citizens of the opportunities the Armed Services offer, thus a real and practicable recruitment tool. Finally, the education and training of young people in the proper use and care of firearms not only acts to strengthen our National Defense and readiness, it acts to protect our Constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment.


The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of laws.  What, if any, legislation would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Respuesta de Scott C. Meisterlin:

Water is not a luxury, it is a necessity. I am against the waste of our Nation's resources. I support water reclamation and recycling efforts. While I generally oppose Federal involvement in matters and believe powers are vested in the States, I believe it may be worthwhile to research whether Federal involvement is viable in taking part to help alleviate flood waters in one area of the Country and transferring a portion of that excess water to another area in need of this resource... Put another way, if oil pipelines are a good idea to tranfer oil over State lines, then I believe it is appropriate to research whether water pipelines may also be a good idea.

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Proposed National Civil Defense Training Act


I support the creation of a required "Civil Defense Course" for all graduating high school students or young adults to be administered by qualified members of the Armed Services. This course would educate young adults about necessary civil defense procedures, expose them to the benefits of serving in the Armed Services, and train them in the proper use and storage of firearms, resulting in more effective recruiting for our Armed Services, a stronger 2nd Amendment, and a more secure and prepared America. 

I support the creation of a required National Civil Defense Training Course (a proposed "National Civil Defense Training Act").    The Act would require all young citizens to complete a civil defense training course before they reach the age of 21 (and would also allow others to complete the course on a voluntary basis), the curriculum of which would be created and taught by qualified members of our military.   This required Civil Defense Training would serve at least 4 positive purposes:   1. The training would teach our younger generation proper civil defense procedures to be employed in case of civil emergencies. Given the dangers that exist in today's world, this training not only could save their own lives, it would enable trainees to help save the lives of others. And as each year passes, more and more citizens would be trained, thereby making our Nation safer and stronger each year than it otherwise would be.    2. While our Country used to employ a "draft", we now have an all-volunteer force. As actual recruiting contact between typical young citizens and the Armed Services is currently rare, the classes themselves will provide a useful forum to the military in order to allow it to inform and demonstrate to young citizens the opportunities and benefits the Armed Services provide. In other words, the training offers a window of opportunity for both the Armed Services to communicate and trainees to see what volunteering for service actually means, which should greatly increase the number of recruits. As such, the training classes would become the most practicable recruitment tool, and of great value to the Country.   3. The training also would educate young people about the proper procedures for the care, use and ownership of firearms. This is very important as there are people who are currently attempting to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights. Through education, a greater understanding of firearm ownership and the reasons citizens have this 2nd Amendment right will necessarily take place, thereby strengthening this fundamental Constitutional right.   4. As an added benefit, this policy would act to increase government efficiency and decrease government waste by redirecting resources from recruitment advertising costs toward the actual training of citizens in civil defense.  


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